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Funny classroom moments

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

December 15, 2016

Currently in my English class, we are reading Cyrano de Bergerac, and the part I have in the book is Cyrano. Yes, his name is in the title so yes, that means I have a lot of reading to do. So as I am reading this part, I mess...

Ten reasons to 💙 the holidays

Molly Jackson, Staff member

December 5, 2016

Family and friends are always closer around the holidays. Nobody can be mad at each other this time of year. After all, you need to get your presents. Presents!! Whether you like giving or getting, we all have something on our ...

One day, one year

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving is almost here. Normally on Thanksgiving, I have my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins come over to our family's home. It's an amazing time to see all of our family together sharing food that we are blessed with a...

Not my typical Halloween

Sky Moberly, Staff Wrtier

November 1, 2016

On typical Halloweens, I normally stay with my family, make cookies, carve a pumpkin, and cook the seeds. On one of the nights, my step dad and I pass out candy and on the other, my parents take my younger siblings trick or tr...

Summer ends, Fall begins

Garrett Wardell, Staff Writer

October 21, 2016

Orange, dreamlike weather, and fires to curl up by--that's what I think about when I think of fall. Sweater weather is the best weather; it makes me feel warm even when it's cold outside.  On the weekends, I love when my friend...

Dance is passion

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

October 20, 2016

Dance can be defined as moving to music with rhythm, and it is considered an art form.  To me, aside from family and friends, dance is the most important thing to me. It makes me feel the way nothing else can. It helps me to...

One Last Ride

Joe Brannan, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

As this will be my last article as a member of the staff for the Crimson J, I want to revisit some the work I’ve done over the last three school years.  I have written 83 articles during my tenure, focusing on topics such as th...

Advice from a Graduate

Megan Evans, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

As a high school student, I have learned many lessons and faced many challenges. I have grown tremendously as a person since my freshmen year, and I am proud of the things I have accomplished. Although I would not change the person...

My 10 emotions before graduation

Kassidi Welch, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

GLAD : Throughout my high school years, the one thing I’ve looked forward to and have planned for is life after graduation. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be graduating in a couple of weeks, but I sure am happy that I don...

Thank you, Teachers

Kassidi Welch, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

To every teacher I’ve ever had I would like to take a minute to thank you for all that you have done for me and the rest of your students. Thank you for helping me grow into the person I am today; my brain is full of all the...

Recital time

Erin Lind, staff writer

May 20, 2016

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, Stevens Dance and Gymnastics host their annual recital. I’ve been involved in their recitals for the past fourteen years. From dancing to tumbling, I’ve done it all, and I loved every bit...

An overview of Mother’s Day

Teri Black, Staff Writer

May 20, 2016

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, a time to treat mothers, grandmothers, and wives to the great things they all deserve. For some families, this means going out to eat or giving mom the day off from household chores. Many people b...

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