How to have a fun-filled fall

Sarah Miner, Staff Writer

As October is ending, fall is coming in at full speed. The past week Midwesterners have dealt with cold mornings and beautiful afternoons. The leaves are changing colors. Halloween decorations are being put up outside of houses and kids are getting excited for all the candy they will receive on Tuesday. There are many options available to get into the fall spirit. For one, people can go to a pumpkin patch and buy a pumpkin to display on the porch. There are many pumpkin patches located around the area that you can go to and have a great time. Another fun festivity to do is pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving has always been a tradition of mine. When carving, carve fun decorations or pictures into the pumpkins and have Halloween themed or fall themed pumpkins. It is fun to dress your porch up with different colored gourds and carved pumpkins to make your house look ready for the fall season. Many people find haunted houses fun this time of year. Getting a group of friends together to go get scared is a way to get pumped for Halloween. The next activity lots of people do in fall is raking leaves. Although, the majority of people think raking is a hassle, it turns into a fun event when everyone jumps into the pile of leaves. Autumn is also the perfect time for a bonfire with friends and family. It is always fun to gather around a fire with the people that are closest and tell stories from over the years. There are many other fun events and places that celebrate the turn of fall and create fun, safe environments to enjoy the season. Be sure to participate in some of the fun activities listed above to have a fun filled fall!