Funny classroom moments

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

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Currently in my English class, we are reading Cyrano de Bergerac, and the part I have in the book is Cyrano. Yes, his name is in the title so yes, that means I have a lot of reading to do. So as I am reading this part, I mess up a few times which is normally just reading over someone else’s part. The most recent mess up I did in class was while I was reading I was supposed to read “morning dew” but instead I had read mountain dew, totally embarrassing myself, but it was hilarious to the class, even the teacher. At the end of the day, it was brought up again, and I realized that it was pretty funny. That is my funny moment in class which got me thinking to myself: Do teachers ever have funny moments like that themselves? This  inspired me to do this article, asking some teachers about funny moments in their classes.

Miss Arnold agreed to share a humorous class with me. Her funniest story happened with sophomores in Honors Algebra II a few years ago. One day as she was talking to a student before class started, she heard a loud noise by one of her chalkboards. When she turned to see what had happened, she saw a student quickly grabbing a coin falling from the top ledge of her chalkboard. When she looked where the student had apparently been placing the coin, she saw many, many more coins, over $2.25 in nickels and dimes. She immediately asked what was going on; the student and his friend, who had been intentionally distracting Miss Arnold by talking to her, explained that they had been placing coins on the top ledge of the chalkboard daily for weeks. They thought it was funny that she was too short to notice with a normal glance around the room and that she was so easily distracted by pre-class discussion. The entire class had known it was happening, and they quickly offered to let her keep the money as a peace offering. She said later that day she used it to buy a candy bar in the teacher’s lounge.

Months later, Miss Arnold mentioned in that class how odd it was that the custodian was slowly moving her desk closer and closer to the other side of the room. Again, the class burst out in laughter. They had been intentionally distracting her again, and this time they were leaning on the desk and slightly moving it each day. The custodian had thought that she was the one moving it and left it; she had thought he’d been moving it and left it. Miss Arnold said, “Those students just graduated last year, and I’m glad to say they didn’t pull any of their distraction pranks while they were in AP Calculus with me.”

Another story of mine would be the last day of junior high. I was leaving school with my friend Chloe, and Mrs. O’Neil was telling us to have a good summer. It caught me off track, and I started to stutter and ended it with an “okay, bye.”

Mr. Rahe has a very unique story; his funniest moment was dressing up with his students as California Raisins and walking in the Homecoming parade. He went on saying, “The clerk in the store could not understand why a 225-pound man would need 40 pairs of extra large black panty hose.”

My junior high days probably have the most embarrassing stories; the awkward 13-14 year old me was just adjusting to Turner so there were a lot of things I did not know. After school I was waiting on my mom. I was inside the school because it had been pouring. She texted me saying she was here, so being nonsensical, I ran to my mom’s car out front, forgetting that there was a pretty big drop due to the stairs that lead to the sidewalk. I come crashing down causing cuts up and down my arms. Keep in mind there were still kids and some teachers out just watching me. I was incredibly embarrassed.

Quite different from my story, Frau Guthrie shared a story with me about when she was in charge of the moment in silence, mission statement, and the pledge one morning. This was her first year teaching her first hour class how to say the mission statement and pledge in German. When she went to lead the school in the pledge, she accidentally threw in a few German words. She said, “I had even typed out the pledge and had it in front of me because I was afraid that was going to happen.”

As I am putting an end into this article I will inform you of the last embarrassing story of mine from kindergarten. I had told my mom it was Wacky Wednesday, and so I wore the most outlandish outfit I have ever seen. I don’t exactly remember what I was wearing, but I know it was weird; my mom sent me to school. When I got to my class, I realized everyone looked normal. I was very confused, so I went up to my teacher and asked her, and she just laughed and said that it was next Wednesday.

This proves that funny moments happen with not only students but teachers too.


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