Summer ends, Fall begins

Garrett Wardell, Staff Writer

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Orange, dreamlike weather, and fires to curl up by–that’s what I think about when I think of fall. Sweater weather is the best weather; it makes me feel warm even when it’s cold outside.  On the weekends, I love when my friends and I sit around the fire and tell stories about what happened this summer. Fall is great.

Orange style comes up when fall starts. People decide to put on that orange shirt they haven’t worn all year just so they can replicate a pumpkin to get into the season. People wear shorts and tank tops during the summer, but the fashion changes when the weather does. Fall is sweaters and jeans. The best time to show off your fashion is in the fall; people bring out their jackets and sweatshirts and even their long sleeve shirts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock shorts when it’s 50 degrees out.

Halloween brings out the scary in people when they decorate their houses with monsters, ghosts and ghouls, and their costumes show up all over town during the month of October. Halloween is my favorite holiday, not because of the candy, but because of the fun you can have with friends and family. The fires and the haunted houses where you tell scary stories. Halloween always made me happy when I was a kid because my dad would come to town and walk me around to collect candy and we’d go to Six Flags to see the scariness of the people who went there. Halloween makes everyone happy.

The crackling of leaves under my feet and the smell of chimney smoke coming out of my neighbor’s house makes me happy when I’m walking. The smell of fall is cookies, coffee, and smoke from fires all around town. I always smell like fire on the weekends because we can’t stop having bon fires. Sitting in a chair next to a fire with all my friends by me is the best feeling I can have.

Football season is another reason I love fall. I love sitting in the living room with a bag of chips and watching football every Sunday night with my family. Football has always been a big part of my life whether it was playing it or watching and rooting for the team I love. My dad, his dad, and I played football in high school, and I love going to the games to watch the Crimsons win and hear the roar of the crowd when one of our players makes a touchdown.

Crackling leaves, pumpkin spice, pine, and fires are all things I love about fall and why it’s one of the best seasons. Fall brings out the colors in people and also the generosity; people feel obligated to get into the season and wear orange or put a pumpkin on their front porch not just because everyone else does it, but because it’s tradition and it’s just fun.  

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