Are we taking too many pictures and videos on our smartphones?

Anna Bezler, staff writer

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Over many years, technology has improved drastically and has become more commonly used in today’s society. Smartphones are now the way that people around the world connect. Children are now starting to have smartphones of their own; whereas, in the past, kids would have never dreamed of having a cell phone at a young age. Pictures and videos are a huge feature on these smartphones. Wherever people go, they can always find someone taking pictures or videos of anything and everything. But are people filming too much on these smartphones? Are people too wrapped up in their cellphones to realize what is really going on around them?

People in today’s society are filming way too much on their smartphones. Smartphones are impacting their lives by distracting them from what is really going on around them. Life has so much to offer, and it is very concerning to know that people would rather sit on their phones in their houses than go outside and explore the world around them. In the past, entertainment for kids involved going outside and playing sports with friends, playing at the park, taking the dog for a walk, things like that. Today, children would rather sit on their couches and get on social media. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are the new and improved form of entertainment. Pictures and videos are constantly posted online for people to watch. People are constantly seeing life through a lens rather than really seeing what is around them.

Humans love to be able to look back on good memories in their lives. Smartphones have made it so much easier for people to capture special moments in their lives and reflect back on them. When people lose loved ones or friends, they will want to remember as much as they can about them. Pictures and videos are important when it comes to memories and cherishing moments. While pictures and videos are fun to look back on, people will never fully live in the moment and see everything that they’re supposed to see around them if they are constantly behind a phone. The best memories are the ones that people make without any distractions. Smartphones are a huge distraction. Smartphones have been known for being very helpful when it comes to videos for evidence. While having smartphones does have perks like that, people still need to decrease the amount of time they spend on them. People use photos and videos on smartphones to show friends and family pictures of themselves on social media. Honestly, not every picture needs to be put on social media to be seen. People are too worried about how many “likes” they get on their pictures instead of how much they themselves like their own picture. Pictures and videos are meant to be enjoyed; it shouldn’t matter the number of “likes” each one gets.

While smartphones give people the ability to capture moments through pictures and videos, people should try to put the phone down every once in a while and focus on the beautiful things around them. Smartphones have made so many things easier, while also distracting people from what’s important in life. Don’t regret things missed because of excessive concern with a phone, go outside and take pictures and videos mentally that will always be there. It is important to have pictures and videos, but there is a way to balance how much a smartphone is used to do everything. Don’t live life through a lens; put the phones down.

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