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  • "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." --Malcolm X
  • "Journalism allows its readers to witness history; fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it." - John Hersey
  • "If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

2023-2024 Staff

staff writer

Joi Flick

Joi Flick is the most prepared unprepared girl to walk the Jacksonville High School halls. Although it is her sophomore year already, she still has the fantasy that her high school years will turn out like an 80’s rom-com...

staff writer

Kaleb Miller

Kaleb is a junior at Jacksonville High School. His favorite subject in school is German which he's currently studying for the third year. He traveled to Germany this summer and enjoyed all of the culture and food. In his free time he enjoys lifting weights, mowing yards, and working at ...

Staff Writer

Brooklyn Adams

Brooklyn Adams is always deep into a book. Whether it is romance or poetry, she always has a book in her hand. Ever since her eighth grade year, Brooklyn has dreamed of writing her own books and becoming an author. As a J...

Staff Writer

Justin Schroeder

Justin Schroeder was starstruck after learning he had his own page dedicated in the Burn Book. As the No. 1 “Mean Girls” fan, he felt as if Regina herself had finally acknowledged him. His sophomore year has yet to hit a...

Staff Writer

Vigardie Kimana

In the words of our queen, Queen Charlotte, “Sorrows, Sorrows, Prayers” if you have not yet met the talented, wonderful, self-proclaimed fashionista: Vigardie Kimana. If eating millions of pudding cups was a sport, Vigardie would win firs...

Staff Writer

Haidin Keller

Haidin Keller used to play basketball, day and night. He would play all day. He loved basketball more than anything, but now he doesn’t even play. Now all he seems to care about is his girlfriend, his job, and shoes. He doesn’...

Staff Writer

Rease Walter

Rease Walter is a quiet yet active person. He likes to go out with friends and participate in a variety of sports. His current primary sport is swim and he is in his second year. He likes helping out around the church and participating in mission trips and charities whe...

Staff writer

Kaydance VanHyning

Kaydance VanHyning is a girl who cannot for the life of her put all her attention into the full duration of a movie, but can be found rewatching every ‘’Twilight’’ movie to its full extent for the 100th time every week. Though only a sophomore in h...

Staff writer

William Hutchison

When William Hutchison was a kid, he would hide from his mom before school. Now he is a senior at JHS. When school gets out in the fall, Will rushes home for something to eat before going to football practice, the same way he has s...

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