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2019-2020 Staff

Lamart Cox

staff writer

Lamart Cox is a senior at Jacksonville High School, and he is currently participating in the madrigals group. He really enjoys running track and competing against other schools. When he isn’t running track, he is usually at...

Luis Garcia

Staff Writer

Luis Garcia is currently a senior at Jacksonville High School. He is interested in fashion and trying different styles. In the world of fashion, anything can be created to display your creativity. Luis plans to write about a varie...

Julianne Wilson

Staff Writer

Julianne is the girl who cannot resist a trip to Sonic. If she wants to be healthy, she’ll go for the vanilla peach sweet tea. If she is going to splurge, she’ll get a vanilla root beer, her favorite drink (besides apple juice). She is sadly a junio...

Karesha Buchanan

Staff Writer

Quiet, reserved, and unheard of by many, industrious student Karesha Buchanan is starting her last year at Jacksonville High School on a strong note. Her plans after high school include going to Chicago State Uuniveresity wit...

Bailey Campbell

Staff Writer

Bailey Campbell, a senior attending Jacksonville High School, is supposed to graduate in 2020, but she is currently panicking and questioning her capability to complete high school with passing grades. Although she is nervo...

Amahni Fletcher

Staff Writer

Amahni Fletcher is a senior at Jacksonville High School. He plays football, wrestles, and runs track. He also enjoys reading, exercising, and hanging out with friends. He has been in Jazz Band since freshman year and has pl...

Jackson Graham

Staff Writer

Jackson Graham is a senior at Jacksonville High School, and he is currently involved in the madrigals group. He played sports when he was younger such as baseball in second grade and football in fourth, fifth, and seventh...

Jaylen Heady

Staff Writer

Jaylen Heady is a senior here at Jacksonville High School and is a first-time writer for the Crimson J. When she is not sitting in her room rewatching One Tree Hill a million times or reading a cheesy contemporary novel, she can b...

Maycee Hurt

Staff Writer

Maycee Hurt is a sixteen-year-old girl who can never stop laughing. She is a junior in high school and cannot wait to play her first doubles match on the Jacksonville High School girls' tennis team. Ever since she joined the tea...

Juliann Kelly

Staff Writer

Juliann is an eleventh grader at Jacksonville High School who passes for an eleven year old. In fact, that’s why the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters didn’t call her back; they thought she was twelve. Thus, she spends all o...

Kelly Lu

Staff Writer

If Kelly isn’t online shopping on Depop at three in the morning, working out, or improving her online clothing store, she is probably obsessively studying for her next exam.  She is always on the hustle and loves putting herself to...

Kylie McCaherty

Staff Writer

Kylie McCaherty is a senior at Jacksonville High School who is counting down the days until graduation. She has a busy senior year that is full of different activities. She is going to be a member of the girls track team for...

Samson Mosley

Staff Writer

At just the age of 17, Samson Mosley has experienced his fair share of both highs and lows, but throughout the trials and tribulations, he’s still found ways to get back on his feet and keep sight of the important aspects of life. His family, ...

Bre Scott

Staff Writer

If you happen to be looking for a good musical, Bre Scott is your go-to person; she could talk for hours about her favorite musicals from a variety of genres. She fawns over most fiction novels: her favorite being the Percy ...

Amelia Symons

Staff Writer

Amelia Symons is a 16-year-old girl who chose to take Journalism very last minute. She is a junior in high school and hopes to one day become a doctor or traveling nurse and travel to places all over the world. She hopes to attend ...

Claire Van Aken

Staff Writer

Claire Van Aken is a junior at Jacksonville High School this year. She is back for her second year with the Crimson J. She is a member of the Jacksonville J’ettes, where she serves as a 2019-2020 co-captain. She is also...

Evan Wyatt

Staff Writer

Evan Wyatt is, in the words of Journalism teacher Mrs. Symons, “a funnyyy dude.” His mom thinks so too. Hopefully others think so too. A lot of Evan’s writing focuses on sports, ultimately the game of soccer. While he no...

Michael McNulty

Staff Writer

Michael McNulty is a senior at Jacksonville High School. He wrestles and is a Crimson football player. Michael loves to compete in weightlifting and is a part-time powerlifter. He loves to support the JHS football team by comi...

Alice Webster

Student Editor

Alice Webster was often asked if she was crazy when she told people about her choice to take two core English classes her junior year. She swears she isn’t (debatable). She just wanted to analyze The Great Gatsby AND learn to wri...

Ginger Hart

Staff writter

Ginger Hart is a junior at Jacksonville High School. Some of her free time is spent with her friends, watching movies, and taking naps with her dog. She has been on the girls' swim team for three years. Ginger has shown an inte...

Chris Kidd

Staff writer

Chris Kidd is currently a senior at Jacksonville High School and is scheduled to graduate in 2020. He is a member of the Jacksonville Drumline Institute (JDI) where he plays the cymbals. He is a pretty outgoing guy and strongly b...

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