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  • "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." --Malcolm X
  • Congratulations, Mrs. Brammeier! YOU make a difference at JHS!
  • "If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

2021-2022 Staff

staff writer

Zaidyn Jeffries

Zaidyn Jeffries is a junior at Jacksonville High School. He plays basketball and baseball. He loves to play basketball. That's mostly what he plays on a daily basis. He also likes to play video games, and mostly plays MLB the Show...

staff writer

Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson is a junior at Jacksonville High School. Ben plays basketball for the school team and also enjoys hanging out with his friends in his free time. He plans on going to college but is still unsure of what he wants t...

staff writer

Jacqueline Krajefska

Jacqueline Krajefska is a junior at Jacksonville High School and is a very hard working student. She loves reading and writing. If you can’t find her, she is probably reading The Fault in Our Stars for the third time in a row...

staff writer

Kayley Miner

Kayley Miner is the senior who still gets lost on her way to her classes and will trip on her way there. She one time broke one of her fingers by tripping down the stairs and smashing her finger between the floor and her phone. Ka...

staff writer

Haley Gibbons

Haley Gibbons is a senior this year and still doesn’t know what she will do after graduation. It’s her last year at Jacksonville High School but her first year in journalism. She runs track and even made it to state i...

staff writer

Alex Dufelmeier

Alex Dufelmeier has yet to find a place to go where people do not ask about his cows and his relationship with them. If there was a class in school about watching movies or sports and knowing everything about them, he would...

staff writer

Kate Alexander

Kate Alexander is pretty simple to please, just give her an iced coffee and turn on Grey’s Anatomy and she’s good to go! Kate is up for just about anything, as long as it fits into her dance  schedule. If she’s not...

staff writer

Skylar Cambridge

If she’s not on the tennis court or shopping, Skylar Cambridge is at home slaving away over homework or baking some delicious treat for her family and friends to eat. She’s always wanting to try new things, whether it's baki...

staff writer

Niamh Brannan

One way you might catch Niamh Brannan is by seeing them speed around town in their little green car, Stevie, blaring music, and singing along. You might get stuck behind them in a fast food restaurant as they take their time to make sure their order is correct, plain with ket...

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