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  • "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." --Malcolm X

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  • "If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

2017-2018 Staff

Anna Bezler

staff writer

Rolling into her senior year of high school, Anna Bezler is super excited to be a Crimson J staff writer this school year. She was a staff writer last year and is so excited to do it again this year. You can find this girl eithe...

Avery Dugan

Staff Writer

Avery Creed Dugan is a senior at Jacksonville High School. Avery has played baseball, basketball, and football, but now he is only playing baseball and football. Avery enjoys watching Florida Gator sports and Netflix. He also enjoys...

Jailan Dyer

Staff Writer

Jailan Dyer is a sophomore at Jacksonville High School. She is a creative person who loves art, drawing, writing and most of all having fun with her friends. When Jailan grows up and graduates, she wants to to be a photographer ...

Luis Garcia

Staff Writer

  Luis Garcia has been a student to show his creativity but doesn’t always know how to show it. Right now Luis is a sophomore at Jacksonville High School. An interest that Luis has is cooking or baking. The reason w...

Jacob Hall

Staff Writer

Jacob Hall has finally reached his junior year, his 11th year in school. Though many were skeptical as to whether or not he would make it, he beat the odds and has survived. He is an avid cat-lover and will gladly show off his...

Sydney Hembrough

Staff Writer

Sydney Hembrough is a girl full of spunk and love for life. Anyone who knows her could attest that her love for chocolate and sour candy sure does contribute to her high-energy personality. Although she has never been a part of ...

Claire Leanard

Staff Writer

When she’s not traveling her way up the DECA ladder, Claire Leanard can be found writing for the school’s newspaper. Claire is a first-year member of the Crimson J staff and is entering her senior year at Jacksonville High...

Grayce Lillpop

Staff Writer

Grayce Lillpop is your typical small town, big dreams kinda gal but with her, those seemingly “over ambitious dreams”...come true. She spends her free time traveling abroad, fulfilling her dreams and making them a reality. The future could sound scary ...

Kelly Lu

Staff Writer

Kelly Lu does not see numbers--this is not implying she is bad at math or that she has bad eyesight (although both are true), but it implies that when shopping, the price almost doesn’t exist. When she’s not at home int...

Sarah Miner


Sarah Miner is a fresh face to Journalism this year. She is very excited to be a staff writer for the Crimson J. As a senior, Sarah has many plans to keep her busy throughout the next year. She just started in her third year in the ...

Sky Moberly

Staff Writer

Sky Moberly has been writing for the Crimson J going on two years, taking the class to expand her mind and knowledge of journalism. Sky is a junior here at Jacksonville High School and is involved in the REF program, ASL club, and serves as a classroom aide fo...

Samson Mosley

Staff Writer

Samson Mosley has experienced more than you would expect from a tenth grade student. Having seen a lot of places and different aspects of life, he always chooses to have an open mind and a positive outlook on life. Between ...

Joe Pohlman

Staff Writer

Joe Pohlman is a sophomore at Jacksonville High School  and lives a block away. He doesn’t do any sports or clubs. He strongly believes in getting an education and getting out. He enjoys watching movies and TV shows. Some of his...

Ellie Smith

Staff Writer

Ellinor Smith is a senior here at Jacksonville High School, but you can just call her Ellie. You may recognize her because she is always on the run… literally. She enjoys cross country and loves supporting her teammates. After ru...

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