Not my typical Halloween

Sky Moberly, Staff Wrtier

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On typical Halloweens, I normally stay with my family, make cookies, carve a pumpkin, and cook the seeds. On one of the nights, my step dad and I pass out candy and on the other, my parents take my younger siblings trick or treating while I would just watch scary movies.

This current Halloween I spent with my boyfriend, Zach, and his family. Zach, his mom, dad, and I went to the farmer’s market real early and got a lot of pumpkins; we got eight pumpkins for five dollars and another six pumpkins at a different market for twelve dollars. We got to the house and waited for Barb’s (Zach’s mom) daughter, Lindsay, to come to the house so we could start carving a majority of the pumpkins.

Lindsey finally showed up, and we instantly started on the pumpkins. We all were dying of laughter seeing everyone’s pumpkins –some serious, some sad, and some  very strange. Later we cooked the pumpkin seeds of many different varieties and ate them as we continued with the pumpkins. When we were done, Zach’s dad, Jeff, started to cook hot dogs and other foods while Zach’s grandma, Carolyn, baked Halloween cookies and fried apples. Other family started to come as we all sat out in their beautiful backyard and watched the fire burn.

The next day, Monday, Zach came over to my house after school while my parents took my little siblings out. Zach and I waited for the trick or treaters to start; we watched a scary movie to pass time. As it came close, we sat outside and passed out candy for a little while then put everything up and went walking around the neighborhood to see all the decorations and who was dressed up as what. After a bit, we went back to my house to finish passing out candy as the time was coming to an end. We went inside candyless and ended up renting another scary movie on television. I would most definitely do the same thing for the next few Halloweens.

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