Thanksgiving is right around the corner

Sarah Miner, Staff Writer

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This week is personally one of my favorite holidays of the year. The time when you sit around with your family and discuss all the fun memories that everyone has. The time when you stuff your face with all the best foods until you have to roll around to get up. It is the time when you stay out into the late hours just to get the best deals in the stores.

Thanksgiving is all about what you are thankful for, and I have many different things to be appreciative about. I have a roof above my head, a family that loves me, and friends who care about me. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunities that I have. It is important during the season of giving to help someone and give back. There are many different very minimal things you can do to help a person out. There are many food banks around this time, you can visit a hospital and entertain the people who have to be there all day, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, etc. All these things take very little time but make a huge difference.

Whether you decide to take part in giving back this season or celebrate with family, remember that Thanksgiving is the time to remember what one has and what is important. There are many gifts in life. My favorite one is the gift of friendship. Life would be very boring without the people around me cheering me up and encouraging me to live life. Everyone should be grateful for what they have. One should also remember to not take anyone down when trying to get the last electronic or outfit on Friday while trying to steal those deals!

I challenge everyone to really remember what is important this Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for in their life. Let others know how much you appreciate them and share love this Thanksgiving weekend.

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