Everyday gratitude must not be overlooked

Sydney Hembrough, Staff writer

With Thanksgiving around the corner, everyone seems to be making their lists of what they are thankful for. Many of those lists contain a common theme that includes family, friends, shelter, food, and water. While these things are without a doubt the greatest things to be thankful for, there are many things in our everyday lives that we tend to forget about. These little things may not hold the importance that family and shelter do, but they deserve recognition:

  1. Fuzzy Socks

When the tile floors start to chill on winter evenings or you’re feeling extra cozy, fuzzy socks are always there to provide comfort and warmth. They come in many fun patterns and sizes making the wearing more enjoyable for all. I mean come on…who doesn’t want to wear a plush reindeer pattern on their feet?

  1. Little brothers

Okay, yes, they could fall into the category of “family,” but they definitely hold a special place in the hearts of many that is often covered up by their constant silliness and ornery behavior. Little brothers help you see the world in a different perspective; one that is less particular and simpler. When you see the joy in their eyes when they see a cool car on the road, it proves that we can find joy in the little things. Not to mention their unmatched outfits that teach us that it is okay to let your personality do the talking.

  1. Smiles

Smiles: the universal language. A smile tells a lot about a person. There are the cheesy “school picture” smiles, and there are genuine smiles. No matter the age, origin, language or beliefs of a person, they always know that a smile means happiness. I am thankful that we have this universal way to say, “I appreciate you.”

  1. Chapstick

Coming from a previous lip-licker, take it from me that chapstick is literally the lifesaver of winter, or if you are like me, all of the time. There is nothing like the relief of chapstick on cracked, dried out lips after being outside or waking up.

  1. Crossing Guards

These heroes do not get enough credit for all of the hard work they do to keep kids safe. They are up at the crack of dawn, no matter the weather, to assist children with crossing the street. They also put their own lives at risk to defend others. You know what they say, not all superheros wear capes!

I think we all could benefit from making a gratitude list that strays from the cliche list everyone tends to think about. The little things in life are the ones that sometimes make the biggest impact in our life. Take a little time this Thanksgiving to not only thank the ones you love but also embrace everyday gratitude!