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One day, one year

Sky Moberly, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving is almost here. Normally on Thanksgiving, I have my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins come over to our family’s home. It’s an amazing time to see all of our family together sharing food that we are blessed with and being extremely thankful. But why just on one day every year do we suddenly notice what we are grateful for?

The time for giving thanks shouldn’t just come once a year. However, since there is a dedicated time period, why not take full advantage of the holiday to revel in the warmth of expressing gratitude?

Whether it’s your family, friends, pets, boyfriends, girlfriends and so on, take the time to look around and reflect on all the wonderful things you have in your life — both small and big. People love the food and the sentiment behind it. They definitely love the four days off. But if you’re a host on this day, like my mom, food is a very common problem. She’s the main person who has to worry about how much food we have, the chairs, napkins, plates, cups, and cleaning, and she has no time to cook the night before Thanksgiving when your mind will be on Thanksgiving’s culinary indulgence. That means that the time thanksgiving rolls around, we’re able to take it easy for the most part and zero in on the main task of the day: a respectable performance in the art of hedonistic consumption of delectable food.

So in many cases, this would be why people give thanks on only this day instead of a “normal” day. I write this out of curiosity and with no disrespect, but I honestly think we should be more sensitive to our advantages because if not and it’s too late to save those moments, you’ll probably regret it.

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One day, one year