How to seize the day

Grayce Lillpop, Staff Writer

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Have you ever wanted to take advantage of the time you have on earth and really live out your life to the best of your ability? From personal experience, I think these mindset changes have proven effective and even till this day I’m seeing the fruit of those changes. Here are some tips and advice for how to seize the day from a very imperfect person.

Take the next opportunity given to you & run with it.

No matter how big or how tiny the opportunity may seem, it can lead to the next best experience in your life, and you never would’ve taken it prior to keeping your eyes open to new experiences. Never have I made a decision without a teensy bit of uncertainty. We live in an ever-changing world with so many things to do with so many outcomes. We can’t be sure that all of those decisions will lead to great things, but we don’t know if they will lead to failure either. That’s why I urge you, with every muscle in my body, to try new things constantly. Try that one item on the menu you swore you’d never try and watch it possibly become your new favorite dish. You never know unless you take the leap.

Expect the good.

Nothing ever comes out of living with a negative mindset. Nothing has nor will. Don’t @ me on this one. Live life with the expectation that good things can happen when you start to change the way to think. Really evaluate yourself and the choices you’ve made recently. If you were to die right now, would you be proud of the legacy you’re leaving behind? Would the way you are living and whom you surround yourself with truthfully represent how you think of yourself? Tough. I know. Think of these things and start to see where you can improve and where you can maybe work on yourself a little bit.

Whatever you do: Be there fully.

Always be observational and always come prepared to give your full attention. Coming to something with a distracted mind will show you don’t care and/or don’t want to be involved. Show your attentiveness and come 100% ready to learn. This goes for lots of experiences. Be 100% there in school- it’s hard, it’s grueling- but it’s the most rewarding. Be 100% there in a relationship. No one ever wants to be in a “one-sided” relationship. Never. Communicate and listen. We so often find that we listen to reply when we should be listening to understand. Lastly, be 100% there in the way you think. It’s not only a way to present yourself when you walk in a room but a way to channel your thinking thus transforming your character. You should never be afraid to come with a full heart and an eager mind; being attentive is great and to work with everything you have in everything you do is something we should do more often.

Changing the way you act and think can be a difficult idea to wrap your head around at first, but when you see the impact of  tweaking your mindset, you start to see that maybe change isn’t as bad and scary as the world may perceive it to be. Take a leap of faith and be the best you that you can be today.

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