J’ettes season comes to an end

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

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The J’ette school dance team has had a wonderful season. But all good things must come to an end, at least for this year. Last night, February 23 at 6:00 p.m., the J’ettes had their annual end-of-the-year banquet. The coaches and parents put in a lot of time to make this night happen. The girls all came dressed to impress and everyone looked lovely. It took place at Hamilton’s. When the girls got there, they were greeted by the coaches and the coaches gave a speech about this season. Then all the girls and their families got to eat a wonderful meal including some crimson red cupcakes. As soon as that was over, a slideshow was displayed with pictures from the whole season. It was really exciting for all of the girls to reflect on all the times the team has shared this past year. After that, each J’ette was given a certificate and a pin for completing a wonderful year. Senior, Olivia Lee was given her senior plaque as well.

The night continued with individual awards. The captains, Emilie Bezler and Olivia Lee, were both given the Captain award for being great leaders and role models this past season. The next award was the Leaps and Jumps award; it was given to Breanne Kaufmann and Grayson Moore for having beautiful, high jumps. The next award given was the Best Memory award and Enthusiasm. This was received by Anna Bezler for always knowing the dances, setting a good example, and always being positive through practice. The Leadership award was given to Camri Middleton for stepping up when needed and being a great leader for the team. The Miss Congeniality award was given to Sydney Hembrough for always keeping a smile on her face and keeping her head up when times got tough. The Dance Ability award was given to Sarah May for having beautiful dance technique. The Showmanship award was given to Sara Wilson for having great performance skills in every dance. The Most Improved award was given to Chloe Burrus for not only growing as a dancer but as a person as well. Regan Davis received the Snap award for being very precise in all of her movements and strong. Emilie Bezler got the Most Valuable Dancer award for being a wonderful leader, an amazing dancer, and role model for this team. Lastly, Jordan Brockhouse got the coaches award.

It was a wonderful night to look back on a great season. The girls should be very proud of themselves. The memories we have made this year on J’ettes will last a lifetime.

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