JHS actors put on a production of Little Women

Kayley Miner, Staff Writer

Jacksonville High School  will put on a production of Little Women. Little Women is a story about four sisters set in the Civil War era. There is Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Each March sister is cast twice, one for each act. Quentin Bryson- Adams and Maili Kemple play Jo March; Anne Karr and Teagan Whitaker play Amy March; Ellieana Walden and Catherine Ott play Meg March; and Leviana Moody and Kayley Miner play Beth March. The play deals with topics such as growing up, marriage, and death. The play is on December 3, 4, and 5. Friday and Saturday’s performance will be at 7:00, and Sunday’s will be at 2:00. It is $5.00 at the door. Frau Guthrie and Señora Hadsell are the directors. 

Carissa Ingram is a junior and this is her first year participating in the school play. She is playing Hannah, the March’s maid and is very enthusiastic about the show. One of her favorite memories was during auditions when the older kids who have been in the play before told her not to be nervous, what to expect, and encouraged her. She loves how the cast jokes around but also can be serious when the time is needed. 

Gabe Karr, a senior, plays Mr. March. “My favorite memory is learning to slow dance,” Karr says.

Jalen Morgan is a sophomore who plays Laurie, the main romantic interest. “My favorite memory so far for the  play is getting into costume,” Morgan says. He says it makes him feel more in character and makes him excited for opening night. He also really likes running through the whole play and seeing it all come together.

The actors have worked very hard on this show for the past few months, and I highly recommend everyone come watch it.