Amelia is Under the Spotlight

Julianne Wilson, Staff Writer

This week’s student spotlight is Amelia A. Symons. Amelia is a junior at JHS. Amelia loves her dog, Oakley, spending her free time chasing her around. This week I sat down with Amelia and decided to learn more about her. I started with the basics: “What is your proudest moment?” She sighed and reflected on this past summer when she worked not one but two jobs. Amelia was employed at Steak ‘n Shake and Brown’s Shoe Fit. She relished in success. Next, I asked, “What is your biggest regret during your high school years?” She wishes that she had balanced her school work and social life better. She spent more time doing homework than creating bonds with the people around her. Amelia is an extremely hard-worker. School can become all-consuming at times. It seems like “well, I’ll just study really hard for this test then I’ll have a break.” But the truth is a break really never comes. Next, I moved to a more light-hearted question, “What is your top baby name?” Amelia reported, “Eloise, but call her Elle.” Then I asked, “What is your dream state to live in?” Amelia responded with Michigan because she believes it a pretty place with a good atmosphere to raise children. Now I moved back to the topic to school. “What class would you recommend everyone takes at JHS?” I questioned. Amelia recommends that everyone takes Honors Algebra 2. Amelia thought that Ms. Arnold was a great teacher and she learned a lot. Even though this class was an honors class, Ms. Arnold made it very understandable. On the other hand, I asked, “What class would you not recommend at JHS?” She recommends that if you take AP World History that you must be interested in history. “Do not take it just because it’s an AP class,” she reveals. Finally, we ended our interview with, “Where do you think you’ll be in 2030?” Amelia thought for a minute, “Hopefully almost a doctor… I hope I’m married… I hope I have a house, maybe kids… like happy. Oh wait, add, I hope I’m friends with all my friends still.”