Boys swim starts with a splash

Claire Leanard, Staff Writer

The boys swim season started just a week or two ago and so far the season is looking bright. The coach, Sam Black, stated that he believes the season will go well due to the mix of veterans and determined new swimmers. They are overall a strong core group of young men. These returners include state-qualifying junior Max Willner. He sprung out onto the state scene last year after advancing with his 100-yard butterfly. Max is very dedicated to his sport and can be found on the list of swimmers to watch out for.

Max is not the only swimmer to watch out for during this upcoming boy’s swim season. Other members of the team who can be seen at the top include Carlos Rubin de Celis and Jon Leutz, both sophomores, as well as Adam Schumacher, a junior. Jon Leutz, the brother of Ben Leutz who dominated the JHS swim culture the last four years, is going to make his mark beside his brother this season. These boys together are going to make a big splash this season.

Coach Sam Black is looking forward to seeing these boys succeed this year with the only setbacks being minor. Some of these obstacles include the overall adjustment for new swimmers and the effort to get them to the level they need to be to compete in the Central State Eight conference. Acclimating the boys overall to new strokes is going to prove to be a challenge due to the freezing waters of their practice pool at Illinois College in the Bruner Fitness Center. As a swimmer myself, I can attest to the temperatures of the pool. The colder it is outside, the colder the water will be. Even with these adjustments, the boys are sure to make their mark on the local swimming world.

The team falls under the Central State Eight Conference, or the CS8, which has produced many top athletes ranging from D-1 swimmers all the way to Olympic gold medalists. Coach Black has said that every team and meet they attend is an opportunity to face some of the highest level swimmers in the state. The JHS boy’s swim team is going to have an impressive season with the skill and determination that the boys bring.