March Madness upsets brackets everywhere

Zaidyn Jeffries, Staff writer

There were many upsets in the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Starting in the West Region, #13 Ohio beat #4 Virginia, 62-58. In the South Region, #9 Wisconsin beat #8 North Carolina, 85-62; #13 North Texas beat  #4 Purdue, 78-69; and #15 Oral Roberts beat #2 Ohio State, 75-72. In the East Region #11 UCLA beat #6 BYU, 62-73; #14 Abilene Christian Beat #3 Texas, 53-52; and #10 Maryland beat #7 UConn, 63-54. Finally in the Midwest Region, #12 Oregon State beat #5 Tennessee, 70-56; #11 Syracuse beat #6 beat San Diego State, 78-62; and #10 Rutgers beat #7 Clemson, 60-56.

Some of these games were close and some were just straight blowouts. This Tournament has had the most upsets ever in March Madness history. According to ESPN and Bleacher Report there are no more perfect brackets left. The Ohio State-Oral Roberts game was the biggest upset in the first round. Oral Roberts coming in as the 15 seed in the tournament pulled up a big upset against the 2nd seed Ohio State. Ohio State shot a better field goal percentage than Oral Roberts and still ended up losing. Ohio State shot 43% and Oral Roberts shot 35%. Oral Roberts made 11 threes out of the 25 shots they made in the whole game. Ohio State had a lot more turnovers with 16 while Oral Roberts only had 6.

The two main scorers for Oral Roberts were Kevin Obanor and Max Abrams. Obanor had 30 points and 11 rebounds, and Abrams had 29 points and 5 rebounds. For Ohio State, EJ Liddell has been the star all season. He had a decent game with 23 points and 14 rebounds. Duane Washington put up decent numbers with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Oral Roberts just outplayed Ohio State. Ohio State is one of the best Big 10 teams and is the first Big 10 team out of the tournament. Oral Roberts just proved that ranking doesn’t  matter.