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Feathers are out, denim is in

Ellen Meystedt, Staff Wrtier

August 31, 2012

  Each year the fashion in high schools evolve with new fads.  Last year everyone just had to have feathers in her hair and feather earrings.  This year it seems that every one has to have Sperrys or cowgirl boots. ...

Class of 2016: From Titans to Crimsons

Katie Hackett, Editor

August 30, 2012

Admit it: You were once scared of something at JHS.  Maybe it was the teachers, the upperclassmen, or just getting lost.  The class of 2016 is here, and they are nervous about the same things we were.  I wish someone told me...

My Turn: Holden Jones

Holden Jones

May 3, 2012

“I don’t know what it’s like to be you. And I don’t know what you have to go through. But I can try to see the world through your eyes, put myself in your shoes… and empathize.” –Empathy by Brett Dennen These poignant words are from a catchy children...

My Turn: Nathan Freeman

Nathan Freeman, Staff Writer

April 19, 2012

On March 20, voters throughout Morgan County gathered at their local voting stations to nominate political officials and to vote “yes” or “no” on a one-cent, county-wide sales tax to renovate and construct schools in...

My Turn: Stephanie Law

March 27, 2012

Senioritis: Very serious and potentially fatal

Stephanie Law, Staff writer

March 10, 2012

It is the end of our senior year! We have been here for four years, and I can honestly say that I know for myself that I am glad that it’s over, but there is something really serious happening in our senior class. This isn’t...

How to spend a rainy day

Tiara Fanning, Staff Writer

March 8, 2012

Ever have a rainy day and didn’t know what to do with it? Well, I’m here to ease your pain. Step 1: Shut all the windows in your house and board up the windows (rain, of course, is evil and will melt you with the slightest...

My Turn: Patrick Winters

Patrick Winters, Staff Writer

March 8, 2012

I’m an uncle to three of the most adorable children the world has ever been graced with. The eldest, Lucas, is four years old; the middle, Laney, is two and a half years old; and last but not least, the youngest, Caleb, is eight...

My Turn: May-Linn Fengaas

May-Linn Fengaas, Staff Writer

March 2, 2012

About one year ago, I applied to be an exchange student. It was a spontaneous decision that surprised even my closest friends. I have a strong relationship with all of my friends and family so leaving them for a year would...

From “Aww, shucks!” to good luck

Liza Lewellen, Staff Writer

March 2, 2012

Woe is me! That is the cry of many students here at JHS. And can you blame us? Just look at the mounds of homework the teachers pile on us night after night. Then those very teachers have the nerve to harp at us when we turn the...

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