There are So Many Things to Be Grateful for

Maycee Hurt, staff writer

The month of November is known for being a time to give thanks. With holidays such as Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, people can really reminisce about the things that they may take for granted.

To be thankful means to be pleased or relieved. It can also mean to express gratitude and relief. Throughout the year, people may forget that they should remember how much people do for them and how much they really have compared to others. That is why the month of November can help to bring people together and thank each other for all that they do. 

I am thankful for my family, friends, lemons (because they make my favorite drink, lemonade), my cheetah print scrunchie that I wear all the time, my education, technology, and everything else provided for me. My friends are always there for me, and we probably do not recognize how much friendships really mean to us. When something goes wrong, true friends will always be there to help and guide you or even just be there for support.

A lot of people may take their family for granted. Whether you have a big family or a small one, the people you call your family are always there for you and do so much for you. Most guardians provide things such as food, shelter, and clothing for their children or whoever they take care of. Without the help and guidance of your parents or guardians, you may not end up being as successful as you want. They can act as mentors and help you to reach goals and keep you in line in order to become the greatest version of yourself. 

All in all, a lot of people forget to always be grateful for the things they have. Not everyone has clean water, food, education, clothes, and somewhere to sleep at night. So next time you complain about not getting exactly what you wanted for Christmas or not getting your dream car on your sixteenth birthday, think about the people who got nothing for Christmas, the people who have no car, or the people that don’t even have family to be around for the holidays.