Queer representations emerge in film and television

Niamh Brannan, staff writer

Queer presence in media has been seldom seen throughout the years in Hollywood or even in any publication. The idea of a queer lead, or even a background character, was deemed ostentatious by the media and viewers alike. Lately, however, this opinion seems to have been outgrown by the masses or is at least more generally accepted with each generation. 

Though some still oppose queer presence, it is now more commonly seen throughout the media with shows and films like Glee, Pose, and Moonlight

Current queer representation such as the ones listed before are known as the exception not the rule, in reference to a good presentation of queerness and gender. Many shows include gay men as the comic relief, further accessorizing them in the eyes of the public, and others portray lesbians as scary/mean demonizing and stereotyping them one way or another. This representation can hardly be called good, rather referred to as just presence. 

Though representation is not always representation, the benefits of this presence are seen throughout the growing acceptance of different genders and sexualities and even in the way queer youth are brought up. Many queer youth begin to feel a sense of belonging that older queer people had not experienced at such a young age with the newfound ability to see a person on screen that is like oneself and to be told that person is okay.

It is also imperative to state that not all media represents queer people in the same light, Television differs from books which differ from popular influencers and further on. Not all is black and white or even good or bad. 

Though queer presence in media has come a very long way from being booed off the screen, there is still much to learn and grow from. As transgender and non-binary representation has just begun to be seen in mainstream media, much of the representation currently viewed is based around harmful stereotypes or fallacies. A better and more accurate portrayal is much further in the future.