JHS gives thanks

Ellie Smith, Staff Writer

In this season of giving, we often think of what we are thankful for. The students and staff of JHS share what they are thankful for this holiday season.

“ My family, my church, and my Job.”– Mrs. Symons, English teacher

“ All my friends and all of those who surround me… including V.B.” — Ethan Welch, senior

“ My family I guess.”– Carlos Rubin De Celis, sophomore

“ My family.”– Mr. VanBebber, Math teacher

“ For the activities I am involved with.” Sydney Eckstein, senior

“ Ice cream.”– Jenny Smith, sophomore

“ I am thankful for chocolate milk in the mornings.”– James Miller, sophomore

“My family, my dogs.”– Alexis Shanks, senior

“ My friends, my family, and Jesus.” –Sydney Rockwell, Junior

“My house.”– Adam Schumacher, junior

“ Food and a house.”– Emma Decker, unknown

“ There’s a lot of things. For my family and everything… That’s a hard one because we take so many things for granted.”– Mr. Johnson, Band Director

“ My family, my friends, and hot tea… with honey.”– Anna Pevey, senior

“ My family, my friends, my life, home cooked meals, and the shelter over my head.” — Ethan Karr, senior

“ My family, education, life, friends, chicken.”– Sadi Ghimire, Junior

“ Google. And sidewalks for keeping me off the streets.”– Tej Patel, senior

Some of the quotes may seem cliche by mentioning family, friends, or the homes we have. But in truth, it reminds us that it is the simple things in which we give thanks. I too, am thankful for those who have supported me and continue to support me. I am thankful for what has been provided for me by my family and my ability to reciprocate to others as they have done for me. During this season let us not forget that Thanksgiving is not something we do with the aroma of our favorite Thanksgiving food in the air, but an everyday action that will continually give self gratification and greater gratification to those who surrounded you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving today and each and everyday!