Ready, set, DECA!

Abby Mitchell, Staff Writer

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Last year kicked off the start of DECA at Jacksonville High School. When most people hear about DECA, they question what the club entails. DECA is a worldwide club for both high school and college students across the globe that prepares emerging leaders for careers in marketing, hospitality, management, and finance. Not only does it prepare students for a field in business, it also allows them to develop skills such as speaking and quick thinking.

Towards the end of the 2015-2016 year, DECA sprung up throughout JHS and gained just a few members. An officer team was then elected for the completion of the year as well as the next coming school year. The club is advised by JHS’s three business teachers Mr. Gibson, Mrs. Ritter, and Mr. Rubin De Celis.

The small club decided to prepare for this school year throughout the summer. In the month of July, the club’s members hosted a blood drive in the JHS auditorium. Although DECA may not have a lot to do with blood drives, they found that it was important to get themselves involved in the Jacksonville community. The club also built themselves as a team this summer. They took a day to go out to the 4H campground in Jacksonville in order to bond as teammates. They got to know one another on a more personal level through games and puzzles that they spent the day doing together.

The club also has a lot of plans for the coming school year. Fortunately, the club has grown from last year to this year in number of members and hopes to continue this growth. DECA plans on attending at least two competitions this school year, and the members are eager to do well there in hopes of attending the national competition in California at the end of the year. Currently, they are selling Krispy Kreme donuts as a fundraiser in order to attend these competitions.

Although DECA is just beginning at JHS, it is growing quickly. The club seems to be off to a promising start to have a good future at Jacksonville High School.

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