Big moves happening in the NBA

Ben Jackson, Staff writer

With the start of trading season in the NBA kicking off on November 16 and free agency starting on November 20, the NBA has already seen some crazy changes. Many rumors have been floating around the league about players getting traded. Some of the players include Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and John Wall. Chris Paul was rumored to be traded to the Phoenix Suns and the trade to the Suns was made official as soon as trades were allowed. Russell Westbrook and John Wall were actually traded for each other. The Washington Wizards packaged John Wall and a future first-round pick to Houston for Russell Westbrook straight up. 

Not only have the trades been crazy so has free agency. So far not many big players have switched teams, but many big names have signed huge contract extensions. Jayson Tatum is just one of the players that just got off his rookie contract and signed a huge extension for 5 years worth $195 million with the Celtics. LeBron James and his teammate Anthony Davis both signed extensions with the Lakers for 2 years $85 million and 5 years $190 million respectively. Bam Adebayo, a big player for the MIami Heat, also just got off his rookie contract and signed a big extension for 5 years $163 million. 

The draft happened on November 18 and despite what many reporters say, many fans are very excited for the new rookies. Possibly the most hyped up player in this draft, LaMelo Ball is also the riskiest player drafted. He has a great amount of potential but could also have a lot of down side. This NBA season will surely have an eventful and crazy season.