NBA start date remains uncertain

Ben Jackson, Staff writer

Since the Lakers won the NBA Finals, talks of when the season will start have been going around the league. The NBA is believed to start the 2020-2021 NBA season either on December 22 or in mid-January on MLK Day.

If the season were to start in December, it would be just in time for the Christmas Day games, the biggest games on the NBA’s regular season schedule. It would also allow for the following 2021-2022 season to start on time. If the season were to start in January, the NBA would miss out on the Christmas Day games, and it would be very difficult if not impossible to start the following season on time. 

Malcolm Brogdon, guard for the Indian Pacers and Vice President for the NBPA, said, “Ultimately, an agreement will be reached to return on one of those two dates, and discussions are centered around how revenue for each team would be impacted.” He also said, “We’re either going to start MLK Day, which I think a lot of players are leaning towards, or we’re going to start on the 22nd, Christmastime.” Many players are wanting to start in January, so they can have more rest in between seasons, especially the players who were on a team that had a deep playoff run. Ever since Covid-19 stalled the 2019-2020 season, everything in the league has been out of whack. 

Fans will see what teams do this off-season concerning trades and free-agent signings. There have been many trade talks surrounding some big players. Ben Simmons, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul have all been in talks of some big trades that could go down. This year’s draft could go many ways. Ever since the start of the NBA Bubble, draft talks have been all over the place with some teams looking to trade high draft picks or potentially drafting a franchise player. This off-season is surely going to be one to remember. The past few have been historic, so fans will have to wait to see what will happen.