A senior year guide to the incoming class

Camri Anderson, Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, the roles start to switch and the seniors are no longer rulers of the school anymore. Juniors have an exciting new role as top dog in the building and become the leader of the pack. Juniors, this year will be one heck of a year, so ride all the roller coasters freely, embrace it, and never close your eyes because you don’t want to miss this wild ride that will flash before your eyes.

When approaching this time of year, everyone is ready for what’s ahead and aren’t really thinking about the moments right in front of them. Of course the big picture is graduation, but let the seniors have their last moment together before thinking about your time walking across the JHS Bowl for your diploma.

During this time, reflect about all the things that you want your senior year to be and who you want to become before you head away for college. Definitely reflect on who you want to be before you leaving and be a little less dependent on Mom and Dad. Trust me, your mom will try to cramp every possible minute into spending time with you but distance yourself a tiny bit and develop yourself. If you want to choose not go to college and take a year off, do it and figure stuff out while you take a year to discover you. If you want to be the next Carrie Underwood, then do it and sing loud. If you want to be a doctor and go to medical school, seriously no one is stopping you. Before senior year, reflect on your hobbies and likes. There is no harm in deciding what makes you happy and what your purpose truly is.

Next thing is drop any prior assumptions that you have about your senior year and how it will turn out. Don’t assume it will be the best senior year of your life because in all honesty, no senior year is like the movies. Even Gabriella in High School Musical 3 moves away her senior year and goes to college a thousand miles away from Troy. Each experience is different and whatever may happen during your senior year, make every situation the best you can. Remember you won’t see these people come next August.

No matter how slow this time in your life may seem, it never goes as slow as you think. After this year, the standard school schedule is gone. Cherish the last time walking into the doors at Jacksonville High School, participate in the Homecoming festivities, join a club or organization because you don’t want to leave this place with regrets. If there’s someone you haven’t talk to since freshman year, don’t hesitate to start a conversation. Remember to smile in the halls because the underclassman look up to you and you want them to enjoy their high school years. It’s the seniors that make the lasting impressions on the underclassmen; trust me, I still remember the seniors who took me under their wing my freshmen year.

I’ll leave you with some last miscellaneous things before you walk in our shoes. Don’t stress about the small stuff. In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t that important, I promise. Take advantage of every opportunity given to you this year. Whether that be pep rallies, football games or even going out to eat with a group of friends. Take advantage of it because homework can wait but memories can’t. It’s never too early to apply for scholarships; seriously just write the essay and it’ll be worth it. Senioritis is real but you can push through it. Be happy about finally getting to this point. It’s a big life event so seize the moment. And finally good luck. Senior year is finally in sight so take it in and make the most of it because it will fly by before your eyes.