Nearing the finish line

Claire Leanard, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, many activities are taking place in order to wrap up the last nine months of high school for the seniors. The most anticipated of these events is prom! This year’s theme is “Cinco de Mayo” since the date of the dance is May 5. Before we can get to prom, the students first have to put their creative foot forward to bring their best for spirit week. We started off Monday with meme/vine day which left everyone laughing and quoting different things all day. Then we moved into college spirit day for Tuesday, May 1, or College Decision Day. It will be an exciting day for the seniors to see where their classmates are going next fall. Then the school sported their best 80’s workout wear for Wednesday. Scrunchies and leg warmers filled the halls. Thursday brought us to tacky tourist day; never have there been more flower shirts. Finally for Friday, students got in touch with their inner kid for character day.

After the exciting week full of spirit, juniors and seniors will get together in their best attire and head over to Hamilton’s to experience a night to remember. Now with prom crossed off the list, the senior class heads into the busiest two weeks of our lives. The Friday after prom the seniors get to take a trip down to Six Flags! The day will be filled with fun under the sun.

The week of May 14 is when it is time to hunker down and make sure you get plenty of sleep. Love Feast on Tuesday, Senior Awards Night on Wednesday, and the first day of finals on Friday. The school sure knows how to keep seniors busy in their final days. Then the longest week of senior year, second semester finals. The senior class is dreading this week, but it marks just a few days left. After the nerve wracking week of final testing, seniors can finally celebrate on Friday, May 25, when they throw their caps in the air at graduation. It will be a tear-filled night followed by last hoorahs at parties the next few days. Then, they’re off! The senior class of 2018 is entering the world of endless possibilities.