The struggles of my high school career

Erin Lind, staff writer

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My high school career over all these past four years has been a wild ride. My first few years here at JHS, I didn’t really care and I slacked off a lot. Well, I learned the hard way about how important it is to actually do your work, study for finals, and just pay attention in class all together. I struggled a lot my freshman and sophomore year, and I barely passed my classes because I had the “Don’t Care” attitude. This got me nowhere in my career but failing classes.  My junior year I decided to pull myself together, buckle down and get to work because I knew my goal was to graduate with all my friends my senior year. It was tough, but I made it through because I worked hard and put the effort in to pass everything and I did! This year, my last and final year has been a challenge, but a good challenge because it has set me up for life and taught me that responsibilities are important. If anyone has ever told you that your senior year will be a breeze and it will just fly by, that’s not all true. There’s a lot more pressure when it comes to your senior year because this is the time where you have to decide what you are going to do with your life. It’s a big decision because we’re talking about deciding on a career you’re possibly going to be doing your whole life. And also, we have to worry about passing every final and passing every class because if you don’t, there’s a chance you won’t graduate. But overall, my high school career has been one for the books because I’ve made a lot of memories and a lot of friends. High school has taught me several life lessons and taught me how to be a better person. You may think high school is a joke now, but in the end, it teaches you who to be.

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