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The End

Samuel Hutchcraft, staff writer

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As spring and even summer arrive, the class of 2016 gets ready to graduate and move on to college or a job or the military. It’s time to grow up.

Our freshmen year some of us had no idea what we wanted to do when we graduated. Others of us knew what we wanted to do, but those ideas changed. We were a little younger then and didn’t concern ourselves with the future and our careers. We were worried about sports, and music groups, classes and teachers but not graduation not yet. After all, we had plenty of time to figure all that out.

Sophomore year flew by, and we thought about how we were halfway there now, just a couple more years. Junior year we thought we are almost done almost there. We started thinking about the future, about what we wanted to do with our lives and what career we wanted to pursue. Some of us started working on college and trying to narrow colleges down, others looked for jobs straight out of school, and a few others looked into the military.

Senior year arrived and some of us were way too excited to get the year over with and move on, but some people are a little nervous about graduating. Our first semester flew by it seems like, and now we are close to the end of second semester and the end of our senior year. We are getting ready for college or a job or the military.  We did it! We finally made it to the end of our senior year. Graduation is around the corner!

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The End