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New Year resolutions

Kassidi Welch, Staff Writer

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Everyone is familiar with the “new year, new me” saying that everyone starts busting out around the end of December going into January. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t automatically change the person that you are; in order to become a better “you,” one should set goals to work on throughout the year.  The goals set at the beginning of the year are usually referred to as New Year resolutions. A lot of people set goals for themselves and never attempt to work towards them. I am guilty of this , but this year I really do want to make a change in my life and make some changes to myself to become a better person and begin to truly understand myself and exactly what I want out of life.

Last year I noticed that I wasn’t very organized, and I was procrastinating a lot which is not a good thing because I’m about to graduate and go to college. Starting my last semester in high school, I want to work on having my life in order to be more successful in my everyday life and with school.  I used to read a lot and I kind of fell out of that when I got a job, but I love to read. I have so many books at home that I have bought and haven’t ever had the chance to read so by the end of 2016, I want to have read at least ten books if not more. As a senior in high school, college is on my mind a lot, and how I’m going to go about paying for college is a big stressor. I love to spend money, but since I am going to be moving away from home I’m going to need to find a way to pay for all the things I need when I go to college. So every single one of my paychecks is going to go straight into the bank and the only money I will have to spend will be the money I make in tips every night. In 2016 I want to save up all the money I can. The last goal I have set for 2016 is kind of personal but one I am determined to make come true; I want to become a happier and healthier person, not healthier as in losing weight, but healthier as in loving myself, finding confidence in myself, and not trying to be something I am not. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and depression, and these past few years have kind of been hard. I realized that the people I was putting myself around were having a very negative impact on my life, and I’m starting to surround myself with more positive people that actually care about my wants, my needs and what will make me happy. Also, social media is a huge impact on everyone and how they feel about themselves, so in 2016 I’m going to put the phone down and go out to explore, make new friends, go to new places, and try new things because there is so much to life and I want to live it to the fullest. I want to find peace within myself and focus on myself, what makes me happy and how to be happy with myself, and along the way I hope to figure out who I really am and what I want out of life.  2016 is going to be my year, and I’m going to make sure that by the end of the year, I have made all the changes I wish to make. I will be a happier and healthier me by the time 2017 rolls around. Don’t forget to push yourself to succeed at the things you want to do because you are in control of your own life.

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New Year resolutions