Playing a part in Earth Day

Claire Van Aken, staff writer

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Earth Day is something very important to my family and me. All my life I have been one to spend sunrise to sunset outside with my family. Whether it was planting in my grandparents’ garden, watering flowers and plants, or picking up trash in the yard, we always made it our priority to enjoy time outside together while taking the best care of our world around us.

Earth Day is always the perfect time to be adventurous and explore the world around you. In fact, there are many ways to get yourself involved with taking good care of our planet. Instead of begging your parents for a basketball court in the backyard, start your very own garden. Something my family and I did was plant vegetables and fruits to create our own personalized summer menu. Take Earth Day as an opportunity to start new eating habits or try something new! You never know what foods you may like and that you can grow from your backyard.

My grandma’s favorite thing about Earth Day was getting seeds for all of her grandchildren to plant a flower of their choice. It’s so fun getting to watch the process of a flower growing. For me, it has always served as a reminder to remember that we’re still growing, and every point in our growth is beautiful. Earth Day has become one of my favorite celebrations because I feel renewed and motivated to do good for the world around me. The flowers you plant might even make a great centerpiece for your dining room table. So, whether you go for daisies or tulips, plant your flower and watch it bloom. Our world can do amazing things!

Last but not least, it’s important we do our part and keep our world clean. As much as we hear “don’t litter” or “prevent pollution in our water,” sometimes we get lazy and forget that trash is all around us. A very heavy and controversial topic in our world right now is the Great Ocean Cleanup. How can one possibly get all of our waste out of the water? Well, it starts with who puts it there. So, anytime you see a wrapper on the sidewalk, do your best to find a trash can nearby and put it where it belongs, or when you see a Walmart sack blowing across your yard, chase it down and throw it away! It’s up to us to change our ways and give back to Earth! Earth Day is the ideal place to start. Dedicate your time to making the world a better place to live in. I definitely had a fresh mindset and new goals to provide for the world around me. Since Earth Day has come and gone, this is a friendly reminder to love and cherish where you live your life and make everyday Earth Day!