Worst wildfires in recent history

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

The U.S has been struck once again with yet another record breaking disaster, the California wildfires. Over the last week the condition of these fires has worsened to points never seen before in California. Homes, property, land, and mass amounts of people have been affected by the fires and will continue to be affected until this situation is under control. At this point in time, there is no telling when the wildfires will weaken and how many more people will fall victim to these terrible circumstances.  

The casualties caused by the massive wildfires in both Southern and Northern California has, as of now, extended to 66 deaths and the number of missing people has risen to 631. Low humidity, little rain, and high wind have put the state of California at risk for fires for a long time now, though the cause of many evacuations and damage done stems from a more specific fire. The Camp Fire began November 8 and has since forced 50,000 people to evacuate, torched nearly 142,000 acres of land, and destroyed nearly 12,000 structures. The best estimate given yet for the remaining duration of the fire is two weeks. As of now the fire is 45% contained and is growing overnight by 1,000 acres according to CalFire. Officials know that the fire broke out in Butte County; however, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Dozens of teams are still sorting through ash and debris in search of human remains. The families and loved ones of the missing are undoubtedly still in shock, and it is these families that are pushing these teams to fight through the extreme conditions to search for those missing. Though the situation may seem unable to be conquered at the moment, there is still hope for those who are affected and are yet to be affected by this wildfire.