Nightmare develops at Indiana Walmart

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

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On September 30 at approximately 8 p.m. it is believed that a gunman arrived at a Walmart and began opening fire in the parking lot of the store. This apparent gang-related shooting occurred in Hobart, Indiana, a town on the outskirts of Chicago. Fortunately there have been no reports of fatalities, but there are believed to be many victims that have sustained injury, including one child.

There were approximately twelve shots fired. Once the shots rang out, the customers went into a panic inside the store. The customers in the parking lot ran back into the store and from there the place went into a frenzy. After shots were fired, the store proceeded to go into lockdown in an attempt to secure the safety of the customers inside. Two civilians were injured upon exiting the store, a man from Gary, Indiana and his 9-year-old son were shot. Luckily neither of their injuries were fatal; however, the 9-year-old boy is said to still be in critical condition and receiving care in the hospital. The boy’s father is in stable condition. So far the police have released a photograph of the “person of interest” in relation to the shooting. The police have conducted an investigation at the scene of the crime, but no arrests have been made at the moment.

This shooting is said to be gang related and the FBI violent gang task force is taking on the investigation. The police anticipate the release of more information soon about the status of criminal charges, but there remain no suspects in custody. There are still dozens of investigators from the FBI violent gang task force as well as FBI’s GRIT task force assisting in solving the case at this time.

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