Cyber Monday extends the shopping season

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

This upcoming Friday will be filled with sales and many happy and eager customers in various stores around the globe. Following this Black Friday, there is a second chance for customers to get dream deals with low prices on purchases on Monday. Various stores are offering Cyber Monday deals and many of them have already announced their plans.

While not many of the Cyber Monday deals have been released yet, many stores have released their dates for the start of their Cyber Monday deals. Amazon, H&M, GameStop, and Banana Republic have announced the release date of Cyber Monday deals which all start November 27. Other places, including Best Buy, have announced deals beginning slightly earlier on November 26.

One main store has revealed its Cyber Monday, as well as other special festive holiday deals in time for the start of the winter season. This store is, of course, no other than Walmart. Walmart has revealed their low prices on multiple  items. These items include electronics, video games, movies, toys, clothing and jewelry, sports and outdoors, and Christmas decor. Ahead of the holidays, Walmart’s Christmas catalog includes various items that would make for great and satisfying potential presents.

There have been a great deal of upcoming Cyber Monday and holiday sales announced for many stores thus far in the week leading up to this shopping-filled day. Many are awaiting the release of their favorite store’s catalog. Some places, including big name consumers like Amazon, are waiting until closer to Cyber Monday to announce their deals in order to build suspense and anticipation, which seems to be working. With more upcoming announcements occurring soon, this holiday season seems to have much more in store for eager and excited customers.