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Shots fired: Las Vegas shooting

Ellie Smith, Staff Writer

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Many know of the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday, October 1. It happened after a music festival held in Vegas. The National Public Radio updates the public that the death toll is at 59 with 527 injured.

According to NPR reports, the police have identified the shooter as Stephen Paddock. Paddock opened fire from a hotel room on the Las Vegas strip. Many people were disoriented by the shots because they were very unaware of where they were coming from and where they could seek shelter. Indeed, the shots were coming from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

NPR does notify the public that while there is an not accomplice in sights; Paddock has acted as a lone wolf. Laurel Wamsley writes about the kinds of weapons that Paddock used to create this national affliction. Wamsley says that Paddock used bump-fire stocks to create rapid fire. This could mean that bullets could have even reached up to ninety shots within ten seconds. Twelve of these devices were found in Paddock’s hotel room.

NPR’s Scott Horsley wrote on President Trump’s response. Both the President and the first lady arrived to Las Vegas Wednesday to help with the healing and support that the city needs. He commends the police department for their strong efforts and the bravery that they showed. Trump is waiting to say more on gun regulations until he has taken care of issues from the recent hurricane disasters. Until then, President Trump is receiving updates on the attacker while he visits Puerto Rico.

While America waits for further answers to why such travesties are occurring, we will continue to mourn and support the victims in Vegas. There is hope for new legislation that could prevent these mass shootings that happen all over the nation. May there be peace for the home of history’s largest modern mass shooting.

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Shots fired: Las Vegas shooting