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Girl raised by monkeys found

Olivia Lee, staff writer

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In early April, a group of lumberjacks stumbled across an 8-year-old girl in a remote area of India. This girl was found surrounded by a pack of monkeys and displayed behaviors resembling those of a primate. For example, after she was discovered and rescued, she was observed as she got around from place to place on all fours and often made screeching sounds.

She showed massive delays in her development. Early childhood is a primary stage for all basic development. Having been raised by monkeys for the majority of her early life, the girl lacked basic communication skills including talking and hearing. She showed fear towards humans and seemed to be living comfortably with her monkey companions. However, given her weak and hungry state and ethical values, it was only right for the child to be taken in.

It is predicted that the parents of the girl had most likely abandoned her in the wilderness. When she was brought back to civilization, she spent much time in a hospital. At first she struggled to adjust to human ways and often acted out violently. However, she appears to be making progress now in her transition back into the human world. After two months in the hospital, the girl began showing improvement with eating habits and health.

Currently, the parents of the girls are being tracked down in hopes to find out just how long the child spent away from humans. Eventually, she will be sent to the government’s child-protection office.

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Girl raised by monkeys found