Action Packed Thriller “Angel has Fallen”

Michael Mcnulty

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The movie Angel has Fallen is a movie about Secret Service Agent Mike Banning who is framed for the assassination attempt on the president which leads him to evade his own agency and the FBI to find the real threat to the president. Here are my personal opinions on this topic. I think it is a good movie and everyone should get the chance to see it.
The action packed thriller Angel has Fallen will take viewers off your seats and always keep their attention. The main characters are Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), and Agent Thompson (Jada Pinkett Smith). This is a movie of improvements because the movie always keeps viewers interested and engaged. The graphics are an improvement and the action looks more realistic and not unrealistic like other older movies. The bullets flying throughout the movie look more accurate and more like it could happen. The characters look less invincible in the movie like it could really happen. In old movies the bullets always miss their target and everything works alright. In real life the surround and the things in the military won’t be so forgiving. I think the creator of this movie also adds a good twist by bringing in the father of Mike Banning. The movie shows the bond between father and son and everyone can make up their problems in their family even Mike and his dad. Also I think this movie gives insight into the government if you don’t understand the topic of the government. I hope you love this movie. Go and see it in theaters now.