Strangers: Prey at night

Samson Mosley, Staff Writer

The sequel to the horror film The Strangers (2008) has now arrived ten years later. This film, written and directed by Johannes Roberts, follows a family going through some tough times on their trip to a mobile home park. An attempt at a fun family getaway turns south when they encounter three masked assailants that have killed the owners of the park who are also their close aunt and uncle. This family of four tries to escape the trailer park all while being hunted down and terrorized by the psychopaths. Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison, and Lewis Pullman star as the main characters in this film.

Bailee Madison plays the main character Kinsey, a troubled teen who doesn’t have the best relationship with her brother Luke, played by Lewis Pullman, and who’s about to be sent to boarding school by her parents Cindy, played by Christina Hendricks, and Mike, played by Martin Henderson, due to her reckless behavior. Her initial resentment for her parents quickly diminishes as they are unexpectedly put into a life or death situation and she soon realizes how much she loves her family. The fact that Kinsey doesn’t properly get a chance to tell her parents that before this nightmarish event occurs adds a sad tone to this movie.

Although the plot of this movie isn’t the most original, it’s still executed in a way that keeps viewers continuously interested as the movie progresses. There are many close calls that keep viewers wondering if the family will survive this terrifying occurrence, and if the killers can be stopped or not. Some scenes are also extremely creepy and unsettling to watch, but in a way that makes the movie much more suspenseful. Overall the basis of this movie was expected but very well delivered which makes the experience more enjoyable.