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Best thriller this year

Abby Scribner, Staff writer

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Don’t Breathe is the best thriller of 2016! This movie is a thrilling movie that will have viewers on the edge of their seats and their hearts racing. Don’t Breathe was released on August 5 of this year. It is a suspenseful movie with a lot of twists. It almost made viewers feel like they were in the movie and trying not to “breathe.” Don’t Breathe is about three teenagers that break into people’s homes and steal merchandise. The three teens end up breaking into a blind man’s home, and the man ends up being crazy. The man locks the people in his home and starts hunting them down. The teens fight hard to stay alive and escape the older man. Don’t Breathe is rated R, so it may not be suitable for some viewers. Some scenes are intense and terrifying and made the audience want to cover their eyes. Stephen Lang plays the part of the blind man. Lang really puts a lot of passion into his character to make him very scary and creepy. All the actors did a fantastic job putting effort into the movie to make it more interesting and thrilling. Don’t Breathe has a lot of pop up scares that will really have viewers jumping in fear! I think this was a well-directed movie. There are not a lot of scary movies that end up being decent, but I think Don’t Breathe is a thriller that is very good! Most scary movies have jump scares that might make viewers scared, but Don’t Breathe had a lot that got viewers every time. This movie gets a 10/10 from me. It is such a great thriller that actually scared people who dared to watch. Don’t Breathe is the best movie of 2016. I recommend watching it if you like thrillers!

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Best thriller this year