Crash landed


Lacey Spaenhower, Staff Writer

Two worlds. Two lives. One hope.

The CW’s newest addition aired Monday, February 17. It’s about a young girl named Emery and an alien boy named Roman.

The show begins in September 2014 when an alien space craft crash lands in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  These aliens are called Atrians and came to Earth because their planet was dying.  When they landed, a huge battle was fought because of the humans’ fear.

During the battle, Roman ran into a shed to hide and that is where he met Emery. She befriended him and tried to hide him, but he was found and shot.  Emery thought her friend was dead.

The show then fast forwards ten years into the future. The Atrians now live in a ghetto called the Sector. Emery has been living in the hospital for the last four years because of an immune deficiency problem.

So for the first time ever, a group of Atrian teenagers will be enrolling in a suburban high school in an effort to integrate Atrians into human society.

On the first day of school, the Atrian students are sent to school with an armored escort, and Roman, who survived, sees Emery on his first day. However, she doesn’t realize it’s him.

It’s not until later that Emery is actually able to make the connection between the little boy in the shed and the guy she sees today.

Check out the rest of the season to see what happens between Roman and Emery and how things will progress between the humans and the Atrians.

Star-Crossed airs every Monday night at 7pm on the CW.