Here are Tips for High school Students

Julianne Wilson, staff writer

As an experienced junior, I have known a few things about social life, school work, and sports. now that I would have liked to know sooner. 

First off is social life. When I went into high school I thought that having sleepovers was important. I thought every Friday night I better be at a sleepover. I would say this sleepover mentality is a freshman thing because once you get your car, sleepovers are over. Once you can drive, you can stay out late and just go home when you’re done. So enjoy your year of slumber parties! Now I’ve learned that the more friends you have, the better. Now, only make real friendships, not just surface level friends. Hang out with a lot of different kinds of people. Find a friend in every group and you’ll make the most connections. Making connections and meeting new people has been my favorite part of high school.

Next on to what we’re all here for, the grades. I spent way too many years trying to maintain a perfect grade status. This advice may contradict what most say but don’t work yourself too hard. Don’t take all hard classes. Take one AP class a semester maybe. Remember grades are not the most important thing. Many other things come before school like family and soul life. Always take a study hall. When you have five minutes left of class, get out your homework so you don’t have anything to do at home. I made myself a promise junior year to stop doing homework. I was mentally exhausted and completely drained. I lived as a zombie taking all honors and AP classes. All I did was go to school and come home and do homework. I barely had time to eat dinner. Junior year, I am taking only one AP class and some honors and regular classes. I have stuck to my promise and have not done any homework. Now onto teachers. Get comfortable talking to each teacher at the beginning of the year. I’ve had teachers that I’ve failed to talk with in their class the first few weeks of school and then felt uncomfortable the rest of the year.

The last main component of high school is athletics. Freshman year, pick a sport, just one. Play and feel out the season. Next year, ask yourself “Was I having fun?” or “Did the sport stress me out?” Your answers to these questions will reveal if you should continue on with your current sport or try something new. I danced with the J’ettes freshman year. It was not for me. It was way too stressful and cutthroat. My sophomore year I tried tennis. I will never go back. Tennis has no stress for me. Practice, matches, and bus rides were all so fun!

The most important thing to keep in mind during these tough years is to relax and make new friends!