J’ette Kiddie Camp is coming soon

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

Just recently, the Jacksonville J’ettes got their new team for their upcoming season. This team is full of many talented and sweet girls. Every year, the J’ettes host an event over the summer called kiddie camp. This is when girls in Kindergarten through 8th grade learn dances made up by the J’ettes themselves. It is always such a fun time and it teaches girls about dance. A lot of little girls around Jacksonville look up to the J’ettes and want to be just like them. This gives kids the opportunity to not only learn and dance with them but also get to know them. This camp also prepares girls who want to try out for J’ettes someday.

The J’ettes put so much effort in to make sure camp goes smoothly and every camper has a great time. It is their job to choreograph the dances taught and get all the campers excited. The styles of dance that the girls teach are jazz, musical theater, pom, hip-hop, kick, and prop. The dances are always super cute and fun. The camp last for three days during the summer. Each age group learns two dances in those three days and show parents on the last day of camp. Throughout the week, ribbons and spirit sticks are given out to girls that are really trying hard and are doing what that award says. The ribbons that are given out are for best attitude, showmanship, snap, spirit, and the outstanding dancer ribbon. Each day there is a spirit stick given out to each age group. In order to receive a spirit stick, campers must have gotten a spirit ribbon during the sessions. At the end of camp, each age group will get overall awards, campers must have a ribbon to be an option for an award. After all the dances our shown, the J’ettes perform for the first time of the season. It is one of the best weeks of the summer for not only the campers, but the J’ettes too.