Ways to have fun this fall season

Skylar Cambridge, Staff writer

It’s a good time to grab a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and put on a big sweatshirt because it’s finally fall season! The leaves are turning the beautiful orange and red color everyone has been waiting for and the air has become crisp. Summer has had it’s stay (and a very hot one), but the cool temperatures are ready to come back for a chilly fall night. So light a pumpkin scented candle, grab a latte, and prepare for some fun fall activities.

Because of how bad Covid was last year, many haunted houses were closed and weren’t like they used to be pre-Covid, which really disappointed the teenage population, but this year they will for sure be up and running. If you’re a big fan of getting spooked and chased around a big house with many fog machines, make sure to check out your local haunted house for some scary fun. 

Warm apple cider, scarecrows and apple picking describes a fun and well made corn maze. Corn mazes are a great opportunity to get together with friends and try to navigate your way through a tricky maze. Afterwards, make sure to grab a pumpkin out of the patch to have a carving contest. The best and spookiest design wins! If you’re heading to your local fall festival, make sure to stop by and say hello to the animals at the petting zoo. Maybe even ride a horse if you can. 

Fall means fall food and fall food means apple pie! Many people aren’t fans of a good slice of pie, but it’s a staple piece of this amazing season. Baking fall treats with family or even friends is a fun way to bond and celebrate fall. Even if baking isn’t your thing, make some caramel apples! Talk about a staple piece! Caramel apples are the quintessential fall treat to make and eat.  If sweets aren’t your thing, try to warm up with a nice bowl of soup or even chili. While doing that, turn on a favorite fall movie like Harry Potter and cozy up with a fluffy blanket and fuzzy socks, relax and enjoy a good start to the fall season.