Bezler finds success on the West Coast

Lauren Bezler has made significant adjustments to her life since walking across the graduation stage in 2015. Although her plan after high school wasn’t traditional, she had a plan to further her career in dance. 

Bezler spent most of her youth in Jacksonville, but she was born in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. In Texas, she competed competitively in gymnastics under former Olympian Kim Zmeskal. After moving to Jacksonville at age 12, she started her dance career at Sara’s Studio of Dance. At Sara’s, she danced competitively on the studio’s elite dance team. There she earned many titles with her team as well as titles on her own. It was here that her passion for dance grew into something more than a hobby. Outside of the studio, Lauren danced on her school’s dance team. She gained many leadership skills being a team co-captain for three consecutive years. Being a co-captain meant huge responsibility and ability to choreograph hopeful state winning routines. She and her teams won several awards for their accomplishments!

By the time graduation day came, Lauren already had a date set to move to Los Angeles. She moved to the City of Angels four years ago right out of high school. She received a professional dance scholarship at Edge Performing Arts Center to train with world renowned choreographers after she auditioned in the early spring months. “My dream has always been to move to Los Angeles to pursue a professional dance career. With this program I was able to make my dreams into reality and get my dance agent and start working as a professional dancer,” Bezler says. 

After completing the EDGEPAC scholarship program, Lauren didn’t hesitate to get herself in the industry. Like many famous people, their career may come with a stage name. Lauren chose “Liz” since her middle name is Elizabeth. Since signing with Go2Talent agency, she has worked and danced for Enrique Iglesias, Disney Channel, Netflix, Hulu, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Kathy Sledge, CNCO, Prettymuch, Universal Pictures Mamma Mia, various shows in Las Vegas, and many more. Because of her job as a professional dancer, she was scouted out by Universal Music Group and Atlantic Records to become a pop and rap singer about a year ago. Since then, she has released two single tracks, an EP (a short album), and a music video on Apple Music and Spotify.

After being approached by the music industry, the labels immediately wanted to work with Liz on recording tracks. “Dance helps me so much because I already have a sense of rhythm, beats, and musicality,” says Bezler. Liz says she plans to pursue music and dance for a very long time. Liz has big plans for continuing her career in this tough industry, such as making more music and performing live for audiences.

Bezler’s leap of faith and hard work has taught her many valuable lessons. She wants people to know that life doesn’t always go the route you plan or expect. Working with big names in the entertainment industry is humbling and inspiring to keep working at your goals. Liz says she is definitely more focused on her music currently, but she has confirmed that she has booked a very large scale dance job as a choreographer and will be traveling to Mumbai, India for two months and attending a huge award show ceremony.

Keep an eye out for Liz Bezler’s latest single “Try Me” when it releases in the next month. Liz wants to spread her love back home and thank everyone for their continued love and support.