IT Delivers More Humor Than Horror

Lamart Cox, staff writer

James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Bill Hader, and Isaiah Mustafa star in the sequel to the smash hit movie, IT. IT Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the first movie after all of the loser club kids have grown up and moved on from the clown Pennywise. However, Pennywise is back from his resting and stronger than ever, and he wants to get what he came for the first time. Now that the losers are all back together, they must face their fears and defeat the clown that has haunted them for most of their lives. Join the losers on their last face off with Pennywise as they try to overcome their fears and confront their past mistakes.

I thought the character building was really great, but they way that the director chose to end or close certain story lines in the movie was very weak and seemed rushed. Also, I feel like the story should have put more into Pennywise because he wasn’t all that scary, and he really was all talk and no action. Viewers never get to see the extremely scary side of him and it’s pretty disappointing. Also the movie felt like more of a comedy than a horror movie. Although the chemistry between the actors is great they focus too much on the comedy aspect.

Overall though, the movie is very entertaining, and I would really like to see it again. The cast does a great job and the way the movie is filmed is great. Viewers will feel like they are somewhat in the characters’ shoes. I recommend seeing this movie as long as you have some friends to go with you.