Snow Day Fun!

Maycee Hurt, staff writer

Winter is full of bad weather- snow, ice, sleet, hail. Winter can be a hazardous time. Last week, Jacksonville High School had two snow days in a row. Instead of just laying in bed or sitting around doing nothing, there are many fun activities you can do during this time! 

There can be two categories for these activities, indoor and outdoor. First, the outdoor activities. There are so many different things one can do outside during the winter, but always make sure to bundle up! Wear tons and tons of layers, a hat, gloves, a scarf, and fuzzy socks! Once you get all warm and ready to brave the freezing weather waiting outside, it is time to start your activity. If you want to drive somewhere, you can go ice skating, downhill cross-country skiing, or ice fishing. If you’re in the mood to do something more artsy, it would be fun to build a snowman or snow fort, go stargazing, go on a winter photo scavenger hunt, or host a snow sculpture competition. There are also tons more things to do during the winter. You can go sledding, have a snowball fight, go snow tubing, play pond hockey, or hold a bonfire and invite friends over! 

Not everyone wants to go out in the winter though. So to stay inside, you can do these things! Learn how to do a new craft, cook something, read a new book, or clean out clothes and household items that are no longer wanted and donate them to charity or sell them online. If you’re wanting to leave the house but stay indoors, you can go to an indoor water park, visit a museum, attend yoga classes, go swimming at an indoor pool, take an art class, join a gym, or watch a play. 

All in all, snow days don’t have to be boring and spent at home doing nothing! Gather up a few friends and try out something new!