Sara’s Studio of Dance annual Fall Show coming up

Anna Bezler, staff writer

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Every year, Sara’s Studio of Dance puts on a show in the fall at the JHS auditorium. Friends and families of the dancers at Sara’s get to see what is to come this year. This show is different from the recital in May because only the girls that are in dance company and dance competition perform in this show. Dance Company is a class that girls take, but they can only participate if they also take jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, and hip hop. If they don’t take those five core classes then they cannot be a part of dance company. Competition team is a very special group of dancers. They work all summer to learn new routines for the upcoming season. Those routines are then taken all over to compete at dance competitions all season ending with nationals in the summer. In order to be on competition team, dancers have to tryout for the elite team and take all classes. This year the fall show has a little over forty dances from girls age four to eighteen. The girls have been working extra hard to make sure this year’s show is one to remember.

The special thing about the fall show is that dancers are allowed to choreograph dances for the show themselves. Girls put so much time and effort into making sure their dances look great. It is always fun to see what everyone comes up with. In order to be in these dances, the dancers in dance company must tryout and be selected for each routine. Along with these dances, the show also consists of the competition routines. These are made up by choreographers from around the area and are very good. These dances use professional costumes that are rhinestoned and look stunning on stage. The girls have worked really hard on these dances. The dance teacher and studio owner, Sara Roegge, is the person who makes this entire thing possible. She truly cares about every dancer and wants everyone to dance to their best ability. This year the show is November 11 and 12. It will be a great show!

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