Jacksonville J’ettes season kicks off

Anna Bezler, staff writer

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This year, the Jacksonville J’ettes dance team is going to be better than ever!  The coaches have decided that they were going to have a JV and Varsity team. The Varsity coaches are Sara Gray, Katie Armstrong and Tiffany Hickox. The JV coach is Stephanie Bezler. Tiffany Hickox took a year off last year but decided she loves coaching too much and came back. Stephanie Bezler is new to coaching the J’ettes. She says, “I love being a coach! I’m a former J’ette and I’ve been a dancer my whole life. The J’ettes are near and dear to my heart. Not only do I love the team, I love coaching the team that my girls are on. I’ve coached other dance teams that I’ve enjoyed, but this is the best team I’ve had the opportunity to coach. I love all the traditions that go along with being a J’ette and a Crimson.”

The girls on the team have been working really hard to make sure that this year will be one to remember. They have practice three times a week for a couple hours each. The J’ettes just recently performed at the Homecoming pep rally with the routine they learned at camp. This dance consists of styles like pom, kick, hip hop, and jazz. They also performed a dance that they call the J’crew routine. This is when each J’ette chooses a guy from school to dance with in a routine. It is super fun and the crowd always enjoys it. The J’ette competition season is just around the corner as well. It is going to be a challenge to split practice time for two teams, but they can do it! The J’ettes along with their coaches are super excited for this new year with this amazing team.

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