J’ette tryouts right around the corner

Anna Bezler, Staff Writer

The Jacksonville J’ettes high school dance team just ended their 2016-17 season. They were very successful at competitions and fun to watch during half time at Crimson basketball games. A few weeks ago they ended their season with a banquet. The J’ettes are ready to get started with their new team as soon as possible. In order to have the team that they want to work with, there will be tryouts. Tryouts for the team last about a week, and girls find out who made the team almost immediately after the last day of tryouts. This is the week that all the girls dread. It is never easy to make cuts.

On the first day of tryouts, the girls will have to show the judges a few things. First of all, each girl will begin by individually showing the judges skills. These skills consist of a jazz leap, a triple turn, a straddle jump, a c-jump, and fuette turns. They will be judged on each of those skills. After the girls do that, they will all spread out, get a partner (based on height), and learn a kick line that they will immediately be judged on that night. It will be taught very fast so that the girls will not have that much time to memorize and perfect it. The next few days are used to learn the tryout routine that they will be judged on at the final tryouts. The most nerve racking part of tryouts, for most girls, also takes place on these days. Each girl will be required to show the judges a one-minute solo that she made up herself to show that she deserves to be on J’ettes. And finally, on the last day, the girls will perform the tryout routine for a huge panel of judges. As soon as tryouts are over, the J’ette season will begin!