Cade Cunningham: The next player on top

Zaidyn Jeffries, Staff writer

Cade Cunningham is a 6’8”, 220 Ibs guard from Arlington, Texas. He is a 5-star recruit currently playing for Oklahoma State in his freshman season. He is currently averaging 18.3 points, 6 rebounds, and 3.9 assists. In a recent game against Wichita State, he had 10 points and the game winning bucke. It is clear that this guy has potential to be big.

Cade Cunningham was one of the best high school prospects out of Montverde Academy in Florida. He is a very shifty guard that can get to the bucket when he needs to. He also has a shot that can come in clutch in close games. He is projected to go 1st overall in the 2021 draft. He has players like Jalen Suggs and Jalen Green in his draft class, and they were both elite players in high school. Whatever team has the chance to pick up Cade Cunningham has a bright future.

Cunningham transferred schools his senior year. He originally attended  James Bowie High School then transferred to Montverde Academy. Players move schools to gain more attention from scouts. College scouts were very interested in Cade Cunningham. The University of Kentucky coach John Calipari visited him on multiple occasions. Kentucky currently isn’t ranked; however, if Kentucky could have picked up Cunningham, they would be ranked right now. Even though Oklahoma State is not ranked either, they have much young talent and are on the rise. They just recently upset the Kansas JayHawks who are ranked number 9 in the AP top 25.

Cade Cunningham is a star in the making and is being compared to players like, Ben Simmons. He can really prove his point if he makes it to the NBA and becomes a star.