Who takes the crown?

Ben Jackson, Staff writer

With the NBA Finals closely approaching, the question that has been looming over the NBA for the past decade has come up once again. Who is the GOAT? For the past ten years, this question has come up time and time again mainly involving Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Some people may say neither of them are the GOAT. Some may think it is Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, or even Magic Johnson; but most fans of the game of basketball are stuck between Jordan and LeBron. 

LeBron has more than made a name for himself in this league winning four MVPs, three NBA titles, three Finals MVPs, and has accumulated many records over the course of his 17-year career. Jordan, on the other hand, has even more accomplishments over his career, racking up five MVPs, six NBA titles, and six Finals MVPs going six for six in the Finals.

 One of the main debates between Jordan and LeBron is the number of championships and postseason accomplishments they have. Jordan has gone a perfect six for six in the NBA Finals while James has gone three for nine, so why is there still the debate as to who is the GOAT?

Many people do not pay much attention to LeBron’s Finals record; instead, they look at the impact he has had on every team he has been on. Even though James has a three for nine record in the Finals, that is still an impressive feat in itself. James has made more NBA Finals than 27 NBA franchises. He has made the Finals more times than Jordan’s Bulls who only have six Finals appearances. 

The upcoming NBA Finals will mark the 10th time LeBron has made the Finals. While LeBron has his impressive feats; Jordan has a few himself. Jordan is the only player in history to win MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and a scoring title all in the same year.  There are many variables that go into deciding who the GOAT is, but for now the majority of fans will still claim Jordan is the GOAT. If LeBron can win this year’s Finals and Finals MVP, maybe their minds will change.