JHS Wrestling

Michael McNulty, Staff Writer

Wrestling at JHS is a very fun and interesting sport and is also a very competitive sport. Wrestling is very hard and takes a very determined person to do every day because a single wrestling practice consists of two hours of grappling and just general wrestling. Wrestling takes a lot of outside of season work. Some people think that all you need is the just in season practice, but I believe that the best wrestlers do it year round. Like school, wrestling takes a lot of focus and ability in order to do. The best wrestlers tend to be good at school because some abilities needed in school are needed for wrestling. All that hard work in school transfers and even the way you treat people transfers to the wrestling mat. I believe that wrestling can teach basic skills for life like never giving up and the pure stubbornness to get through obstacles in life like writing an essay. Also wrestling builds character in talking to other people and the overall way you treat other human beings. Wrestlers tend to be the most competitive so it builds a fun and positive atmosphere to improve yourself. I also just like wrestling at JHS because it is my hometown and it’s my passion in life. I hope that wrestling teaches the basic skills in life to live a fun and fulfilled life with no regrets with the kind of wrestling attitude I have built.